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Financial Responsibility

We believe in good stewardship, transparency, and accountibility to each and every donor. We understand that the funds entrusted to us are a real means to changing the life of a child.


We are consistantly evaulating our programs to ensure effeciency. In doing so, we are able to send resources where they will be needed most and which results in better stewardship.


All donations are carefully monitored so that they are used for their intended purpose. We do our best to manage these funds in the most responsible manner possible and in such a way that produces that most impact for the children.


One of our top priorities is to manage this ministry so that we keep our overhead low. We believe the money needs to go to support the children and not to facilitate overhead expenses. We pledge to all our donors that a minimum of 80% of every dollar will go directly to benefit the children and the programs in place that make a change in their life possible.


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