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Ramon Hernandez - Director of Operations Hispanola (Dominican Republic / Haiti)


All operations on the Island of Hispanola, which encompasses the Dominican Republic and Haiti, is directed by Ramon Hernandez. His committment to the region and years of ministry experience has been an invalubale asset to this ministry. 

Who Are We

International Directors and Leadership

Alterio "Andy" Lopez - Director of Child Sponsorship & Development (Dominican Republic)


He gave his life to Lord 23 years ago. He is faithful husband and father and loves to serve others. He worked for a Christain Medical Ministry for 6 years in the Dominican Republic. He has a passion for music as well and serves in the local church. 

Dominican Republic Leadership Team and Program Administrators

Our Leadership Team in the Domincan Republic has been a God send. We are so thankful to have such an amazing group of people who share the vision of this ministry. Their christian faith, attitudes and leadership is inspiring. The team helps organize our ministry programs, assists in the implementation process and provides on-going support to the program administrators and children to make sure each program operates in the spirit of the ministry objectives.


Program Administrators are a key component to make this ministry a success. They are responsible for the day-to-day operations. They have direct and constant contact with the children and build relationships and trust with them. Without PA's we would not be able to carry out our mission.

Johany Bernabe 


Johany was raised in a christian home and loves people. Her brother has sevred as a Pastor for many years. She has one daughter, named Emily, with her husband Alterio lopez. Her commitment to the church and Jesus are strong.

Nelson Mendez - Las Canoas, Azua & Valla Hondito, San Juan (Program Administrator)


Neslon and his wife are are very committed to the ministry. Their selfless attitude and serving hearts are leading these communities in the right direction. They operate two seperate programs as well as Pastoring two churchs. Las Canoas serves 125 children and Valla Hondito serves 60 children. We expect to expand these programs very soon.